Donald Trump Exposes Republicans’ Deliberate Indifference to the Constitution

For the first two years during which Republican Legislators were fully in control of both Houses, they handed Donald Trump the key to the Legislative Branch, the very Branch responsible to hold him accountable per the Constitution they all took an oath to abide by, to protect and defend.

When they lost the lower Chamber in the 2018 mid-term elections, that event did not even awake their sense of duty or a sense of patriotism to the country. As if they ever have any! Did Republicans ever care about democracy or rule of law or even the Constitution? If they did, it’s impossible to know. In fact, after losing the lower Chamber to the Democrats, they had worked steadily, aggressively behind the scene to help Donald Trump continue his reign of ignoring the Constitution and trampling the rule of law. Republicans in both Chambers have worked – at times openly – to undermine the Constitution of the United States. Although behind the scene, most had conceded that Donald Trump is destroying the country, publicly they all fall in line to defend an individual they all know wrecks the very fabric of our society.


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