Donald Trump Exposes Republicans’ Deliberate Indifference to the Constitution

For a while, a few of the Republican leaders in Washington worked behind the scene to deny Mr. Trump the nomination of the Party. Despite the resistance in the Republican circle which became known in the 2016 presidential elections as #NeverTrump, Donald Trump managed to sail through troubled waters (political waters that is) all the way to the Oval Office.

Everything changed!

Republican Leaders couldn’t resist for long; they are who they are. Once Donald Trump was elected, and they had a chance to meet him, they quickly recognized he is one of them; he thinks, behaves and acts like them. What’s not to like? From that point forward, the Republican leaders (ALL of the Republican Leaders) have lined up behind the most corrupt, the most depraved individual who has ever been elected to the highest office in the land.

Republican Leaders, if they can be so called, have used every aspect of their political knowledge to shield Trump from any accountability the office of the presidency demands or requires. They have helped Donald Trump displaying the worst version of himself.

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