Donald Trump Exposes Republicans’ Deliberate Indifference to the Constitution

Republicans have always used bullhorns – you know those huge megaphones – to spread messages of values they claim to have all the while practicing evil behind closed door. Mr. Trump, being a professional con artist himself, could easily spot those Republican con men miles away, I mean in Washington.

Initially they rejected, ridiculed and opposed him. Having conned their constituents for many decades, Republican Leaders quickly recognized Trump for who he really is, a fact they did not hide; they all said so publicly. Lindsey Graham, in an interview accorded to CNN said that “Donald Trump is a crook, he’s unfit for office. I am a Republican, he is not…”; Marco Rubio called Donald Trump a con artist at a rally in the 2016 presidential elections; Rick Perry stated that “Donald Trump is a cancer which must be excised and removed from the Republican Party”; scores of Republicans stated publicly that Donald Trump did not have what it takes to be president of the United States. That should have been the end for Donald Trump in the Republican circle, right?

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