Donald Trump Exposes Republicans’ Deliberate Indifference to the Constitution

Most Republicans would swear they have embraced those values and have lived by them. – I don’t wish to argue; so, I’ll leave it alone.- As such, one would expect an individual such as Donald Trump who has lived a morally corrupt life of criminal activities, shady businesses and harassment of women would naturally be shunned, avoided and even unwelcomed in the Republican Party.

Of course not!

When he decided to jump into politics, well… Let’s take a look!

Donald Trump bidded for the presidency of the United States under the Republican banner, not by sheer accident or coincidence but rather because above all, as a lifelong scoundrel, Mr. Trump is very good at reading people.

  1. He’s never bought the Republicans’ claims of moral values
  2. He knew the Democrat Party would have never supported or embraced an individual so completely deprived of any value.

Mr. Trump was right.

What would you add?

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