Debunking Republicans’ Claims Of Moral Values

By the most generous analysis, that individual is the epitome of a bad person, and yet the Republican Party, constituents and elected officials alike, will pick him as the standard bearer of the party; a party which has prided itself to have embraced moral values, religious values, family values, virtues and principles anyone in any country would want to have or at the very least to be associated with.

For a very longtime, perhaps since beyond anyone alive can remember, no one has ever questioned – at least not openly – let alone challenged the belief that the Republican Party is defined within the boundaries of those values. Although the Democrat Party, the other major political Party in the United States, has espoused and most of its members have lived by those same values and principles or similar and comparable to what Republicans have claimed, the Democrats have never used a bullhorn to propagandize what most in the Democrat Party believe is personal. Republicans believe they have to market their personal choices.

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