Debunking Republicans’ Claims Of Moral Values

The phenomenon which has plagued the country since Donald J. Trump entered the presidential race in 2016 to become the 45th president can only be explained very simply as the unmasking of a political Party, the Republican Party whose leaders have proven many times over several decades they don’t give a f*&!k about the Constitution.

Out of nowhere emerged an individual, a non-politician who, despite having mingled with politicians of both major political Parties, has never espoused any of “their values”. As far as that individual is concerned, those politicians are a means to an end. In the public records, that individual had done everything, conducted all his businesses outside the law as much as possible. He used everyone in his path, politicians, religious leaders and other business individuals to achieve what are in some instances the most egregious wrongdoings, criminal even; to that individual, the only measure which qualifies something, anything as wrong or bad is if he does not or cannot extract benefits from it.


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