Why GOP Leaders Pride Themselves Keeping Supporters in the Dark

From “I have zero problem” – by Lindsey Graham – with the President of the United States soliciting a foreign government to investigate his political opponent at home to “what Trump did was inappropriate but not impeachable” by his cronies and sycophants in the Houses and his sympathizers in the news media, it is not difficult to understand why the United States has been in a downward spiral for many decades now.

Lindsey Graham – current Chair of the Judiciary Committee in the Senate – who performed on the House floor in 1998 to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about his affair with an intern suggested then president Bill Clinton dishonored the office of the presidency. Today, the same Lindsey Graham is onboard with Donald Trump committing crimes that can only be conceived by a mob boss but Mr Lindsey is not fazed or phased; he is not at all bothered by the office of the presidency being defiled and corrupted.

This is not politics as Republican Legislators might want to frame the impeachment of Donald J. Trump. This issue with the president acting like a criminal boss and the Republican Legislators acting like his attorneys have absolutely nothing to do with politics. This situation puts in display lack of patriotism of ALL Republican leaders and complete deprivation of any shred of morality and decency in the Party.

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