Why GOP Leaders Pride Themselves Keeping Supporters in the Dark

The impeachment of Donald Trump is historic, not just because he is only the third president to be put through the process (i.e. this is rare) but because it is the first time in the existence of the Republic a seated president who took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution has invitedfor a second time, as far as the public’s awareforeign powers to interfere in our political process. First, he was under heavy clouds of suspicion to having Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential elections; Donald J. Trump was at some point the subject of the investigation conducted by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller III. Despite the report  found at least ten obstructions of justice Trump was involved in, he was not held accountable; emboldened by not having to pay a price for the crime, Mr. Trump immediately engaged in soliciting another foreign powerUkraine – to also interfere in our political process. This time, he got caught and the House moved to impeach him. None of what Mr. Trump has done in the Oval Office is surprising because that’s who he is; a crook, a liar, a scoundrel is what the 45th president is, in his core.

What’s disconcerting, disheartening even is the defense arguments put up by the Republican Legislators who are supposed to exercise oversight on the Executive Branch and hold him accountable for the oath he took upon assuming the presidency.

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