Why GOP Leaders Pride Themselves Keeping Supporters in the Dark

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GOP Leaders believe it is good politics to keep supporters (the Republican supporters) in the dark, or at the very least to keep them misinformed and confused. They pride themselves to have kept their constituents under control by alluding to some fiction of core values they have never lived by. Perception – of Christian values and moral decency – is enough to keep any unsuspected audience in your corner, they believe. Maybe they have a point. Republican Legislators believe that to keep the electorates divided is the only sure way to continue to be relevant, and there is no better way than to keep everyone in the dark.

On Wednesday, January 15 2020, in a ceremonial manner and a historic moment, the Speaker of the House (Congress) Nancy Pelosi delivered to the Senate the articles of impeachment (Abuse of Power & Obstruction of Congress) levied against Donald J. Trump the 45th president. To the average individual – to me in particular who has studied Donald Trump for quite some time now – that moment was not unexpected as detailed in a 3-part article published several moons ago. Mr. Trump in his private life has been nothing but a crook. As I related in part-2 of the 3-part article (The Impeachment of Donald Trump Is Inevitable) published on May of 2017 (almost 3 years ago), Donald Trump has never done anything legally or legitimately. Since his presidency, he’s been embroiled in one scandal after another, all of his own making.


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