What Do Republicans Stand For Exactly?

The framers of our Constitution did foresee the possibility of a rogue president, predicament for which impeachment is available. Our forefathers did also consider the possibility of a few bad elements in the Legislative body; such predicament would be addressed in the body within which the bad elements are also members. Although no evidence is available that the framers considered a scenario in which ALL the members of a political party (all of them; today, the Republican Party) would relinquish their constitutional obligations, they must have believed that if that were to happen, the country could take comfort in the fact that “The People” would redress the matter by voting members of that political Party out of office at election time.

The framers’ calculation in regards to The People vis-à-vis members of the legislative body were completely wrong if not totally misguided because today it’s not just the Republican Leaders who have abandoned the principles and the values they’ve claimed to have had, it’s also The People (in the Republican Party) who have all decided – whether by silent consensus or with deliberation – the Constitution no longer matters, the rule of law is no longer important, moral values, Christian values are overrated. Nothing which has made America the envy of the world matters any longer to the Republicans.


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