A Crook For The Holidays

To understand this phenomenon, it’s worth considering whether the United States might never recover from this fall despite optimism it will. Donald Trump became president of the United States because millions of people went to the polls and voted in office an individual who has already had the reputation of being a criminal, a crook, a scoundrel.

On record, Donald Trump was accused of sexual harassment by more than two dozen women, had affairs with at least two porn stars, – one such escapade at a time his wife was pregnant with his only child, Barron – was accused of defrauding people in a business school scam (by court order, he later had to reimburse everyone of the money he schemed them out of), defrauded small businesses by not paying them for products they supplied or services they provided, refused to pay back his creditors by resorting to bankruptcies…

So, it was mind boggling to hear millions of Republicans rationalize going to the polls and electing that individual as their leader. It would baffle even the most renowned psychiatrist who would attempt to understand how millions of Republicans could be so easily manipulated and deceived.

What would you add?

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