Do Republicans Stand for Anything?

I used to think that Republican Leaders, Legislators would at the end of the day stand for the Constitution of the United States and defend the democracy they are always eager to export to other countries; I used to think there are enough Republican constituents (supporters) who would force their leaders and legislators to do right by the country when it comes to protecting the Constitution. However, both leaders and constituents have proved me wrong; they are not a bit concerned about the Constitution or our democracy. They prove to the whole country – to the whole world even – their claim of any sort of value is an idea they wish to promote not a lifestyle they want to live by. The values they claim are what they would like others to embrace all the while give themselves the flexibility to do evil, be unpatriotic and deprived of any shred of decency. Republicans, all of the Republicans prove beyond any shred of a doubt they stand for absolutely nothing and have none of the values they claim the Party to have embraced.

More time I care to remember, I have referred to the Republican constituents as naïve, gullible and even ignorant. I used every possible approach to bring attention to the fact the Republican Party comprises liars, crooks, scoundrels and people who are simply hypocrites. Both in my publications and in my daily broadcast I have hammered the point that Republicans couldn’t care less about the Constitution or our democracy. It seems that, by any analysis, their main drive is “to defeat Democrats”, their priority is to hold to their post even if that requires shredding the Constitution, trampling the rule of law and destroying every aspect of the fabric of our society. To Republicans it seems, it does not matter they could lose everything in the future; it does not matter their actions would contribute to destroy our society. They want immediate satisfaction regardless the cost, irrespective of the damages and the victims caught in-between.


What would you add?

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