What Should The Country Be Thankful For?

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The story of Thanksgiving celebration in America is one of the most unsettling facts in our history. From claiming Thanksgiving to have started in 1621 or 1623 or between 1621 and 1623 to suggesting it was an event of harmony between the pilgrims and the indigenous, and festivities to commemorate the alliance between the two all the while hiding the macabre facts of the decimation of the indigenous by the pilgrims, Thanksgiving Day should have been a day for reflection, demand for forgiveness, not a time to gobble down and stuff ourselves on chunks of turkey at the expense of all those we have massacred in order to seize their lands.

Generations of Americans are raised and raise their offspring in the myth of Thanksgiving story. It should surprise no one that today a sizable chunk of the American population continues to espouse any story that makes them feel good, however preposterous the story is. But for those who have a shred of common sense and decency, this upcoming Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 28 2019 should send chills to your spine, for there is no special reason to be thankful about.

Amidst the debacle of an impeachment of the 45th president of the United States who tried to coerce a desperate foreign government to do what he’s asked or else be at the mercy of another evil power, this Thanksgiving is more of a reminder that the evil among us continues to manifest itself despite our claim of fighting against such.

We, the country, have watched in dismay how the whole Republican Party – elected officials and constituents alike – has abandoned the values they’ve claimed to have espoused.

On this Thanksgiving day, there is absolutely nothing to be thankful for!

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