Most Constituents Lie About What They Want…

Constituents in general, Republican constituents in particular do not give a hoot about solutions; most would argue that statement is false. They would argue – especially those who’ve voted in past elections – they’ve always picked the candidate which offers the best solution for problems in the country. Besides, every presidential election, a good majority of the constituents are mobilized to participate in the process. That surely cannot be out of disinterest, right?

Well, it is. It has to be.

To illustrate, let’s refer to the most recent presidential election, the 2016. Although it seems like a longtime ago, it’s been less than three years as of this writing. Of all the candidates who bid for the presidency, Donald J Trump was the only one who did not have a plan, not a substantive one anyway; his campaign website provided zero detail of anything, even the immigration issue he made the center piece of his campaign. As I mentioned in a previous publication, the documents on the website – which were supposed to provide details of plans – seemed to have been drafted by a mediocre eighth grader, someone who had difficulty making a proper sentence, yet millions of Republican constituents went to the polls and voted him in office.

What would you add?

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