Dancing Away From Discussing Big Issues

  • ii.- in 1965, Lyndon Johnson proposed the Medicare Act, an addon or a supplement depending on your viewpoint, which would help retirees stave off the cost of healthcare. Just like FDR, Johnson pointed to the fact that once individuals leave the workforce to retirement, they no longer have health coverage which is usually provided through the employer. It is also worth noted that retirees – who are advanced in age – are most in need of healthcare. In our old age, we are more prone to illnesses but it is at that very time in our life we can no longer afford health coverage. As such, Johnson believed it is fitting for the government to help those who have contributed to the workforce all their lives. Initially, as it should be obvious by now, every Republican (ALL of them) was against the Medicare Act. Even the revered Republican hero Ronald Reagan who was then an actor lobbied members of the Republican House and the Senate to go against it. Mr. Reagan called the move socialism
  • iii.- More recently in 2010, Barack Obama proposed the healthcare act aka Obamacare, the gist of which is to protect those with pre-existing conditions from being denied coverage or charged exorbitant premium to acquire such by insurance companies. The act had other provisions which benefit the constituents, democrats and republicans. Needless to point out that Republicans – all the Republicans – were against Obamacare.

What would you add?

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