Dancing Away From Discussing Big Issues

There was a time when the Democrat Party pursued agenda, promoted policies, legislations and its members would support policies and pass legislations which further the party’s mission, to work on behalf of the people, irrespective of the political cost. For several decades, it was an acceptable consensus that the Republican Party was regarded as the defender of the Republic and the Democrat Party was considered as the party which attends to the affairs of the people, the party which would tackle social issues – healthcare, jobs, civil rights, etc. – and propose or provide solutions to those problems. That is in essence what has earned the Democrat Party the socialist Party label, although policies and legislations proposed and/or passed by Democrats benefit everyone, even the Republicans who’ve always opposed those types of solution.

Consider for instance the following examples which should provide a better window to what the Democrat Party used to be.

    • i.- In 1935, FDR – in the New Deal – proposed the Social Security Act, an instrument to provide financial relief for retirees who had very little to no saving upon leaving the workforce. The move was not popular; initially, every (ALL) Republican – including those who would benefit by the Act – opposed FDR’s move. Some Democrats were onboard with some hesitation. Gradually, a few Republicans joined in. The Social Security Act has been helping those who can no longer work, did not manage to save much or anything at all. Without the Social Security Act, a good percentage of retirees would have become homeless.

What would you add?

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