Most Presidential Candidates Shun Discussions of Big Plans

Although the group best positioned to change that, the media (reputable hosts are used as moderators in presidential debates), its members have become cheerleaders for the political party they support. Candidates who aspire to the Oval Office are mostly politicians who have mastered the art of deception; they have thus completely shied away from the idea of proposing any grand idea or plan which would very likely be derided by the opponents, the opposing Party and the media. This very problem is in full display in the 2020 presidential elections. The media questions to no end Elizabeth Warren’s plan but failed to address no one else vying for the Oval Office – including the incumbent himself – has any big plan to address lingering problems the country has faced.

So, to shun discussions about any big idea is the safest route to the Oval Office. Why bother?

What would you add?

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