Elizabeth Warren Has the Chops

Elizabeth Warren’s “plan for everything” approach has earned both praise and criticism. In the fourth debate which took place on October 15, 2019 in Westerville, OH with a panel of 12 candidates on the stage, all 11 candidates – including Joe Biden who is considered the frontrunner – jumped at the opportunity to lob criticism at Elizabeth Warren. Each candidate on the podium had a gripe against one or more of her plans for the country. Elizabeth earned the ire of her competitors by gradually climbing in the polls to become the frontrunner.

Frontrunners should always expect to be challenged!

Elizabeth Warren did hold her own during the debate; she walked out unscathed. A poll taken immediately after the debate showed that Elizabeth did not lose her spot in the ranking.

It is worth mentioning that the challenge Elizabeth Warren has faced for failing to provide details about her plan Medicare for All is both warranted and unfair

i.- warranted: for the sake of the constituents who ought to rely on information provided to them by the candidate, it should have been required for all candidates to be very liberal with the details of any plan they propose to solve specific issues the country is confronting. As such, Elizabeth Warren should own up to her plan and flesh out the details. The reluctance to do so would suggest she is either not sure how to best tackle the problem or she is afraid the solution she has may not be acceptable to the constituents. No matter what the situation is, she will have to, sooner or later. To keep postponing it is a strategy which might not work in the general elections should she become the Democrat Party nominee. A better approach is for Elizabeth Warren to put the matter to rest by simply providing the details for her Medicare For All plan.

ii.- unfair: anyone who had watched the 2016 race (primaries and general) would know that Donald Trump who clinched the nomination for the Republican party had no plan for anything. His campaign website seemed to have been put together by someone who was just learning how to create websites and the documents which outlined his plans by a mediocre eighth grader. And yet, millions of Republican constituents went to the polls and voted him in office.

It is thus unfair to press any candidate for details about any plan when the opponent, even as an incumbent, does not have any plan despite an army of advisors at his disposal.

What would you add?

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