It’s Spookier than It’s Ever Been

It was about to get a lot scarier. The election was just a few days away… For what seemed an eternity, the fate of the country, of the world even could fall in the hands of the shadiest character in American history; it was nail biting moment. It had never been that scary before, never. A few days later, the country would wake up to a seemingly endless Halloween day; Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States. Halloween 2016 was officially the beginning of a nightmare no one seems capable to waking up from. Donald Trump’s presidency is the scariest Halloween the country has ever had.

Since it started, the country has been in a constant state of fear and panic. After all, that’s the intended point of Halloween. From antagonizing the leader of North Korea to becoming his best buddy, from pretending to seek good relations with Russia to making secret deals with Vladimir Putin, the spooky characters of his administration and the Republican sycophants in Washington have all made Halloween a permanent phenomenon in the country.

What would you add?

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