It’s Spookier than It’s Ever Been

Unfortunately, the scene is not so fun, the atmosphere not so friendly, the environment way scarier in Washington. In 2016 for instance, the presidential election was spookier than Halloween. It was dreary. The spooky character dressed as candidate for president scared the hell out of many. But what made the 2016 election even scarier were all the other characters which took to the streets of Washington; it was the scary Paul Ryan who reasoned Trump was a better choice than Hillary; it was the wobbly John McCain who would rather vote for Trump than to support someone with knowledge, experience and a sound mind; it was the “little” Marco Rubio who believed he must keep his promise to be able to curry favors in the future; it was the “despised” Ted Cruz who clearly saw Trump for what he is but gave in to pressure and endorsed him anyway; it was the “despicable” Jeff Session who didn’t think that “grab them by the pussy” is sexual assault. What made the 2016 presidential election so scary was because the Republican Representatives in Washington stood for nothing, only represented their interests and were every bit as unpatriotic as those who threatened our safety and our freedom. That was very scary!

What would you add?

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