Ukraine Gate, A 2016 Encore in 2020

Despite the reluctance by the Republican Chair to let the process work itself out as intended in a democratic system, there is a likelihood those Republican candidates challenging Donald Trump might become relevant.

The impeachment inquiry initiated by the House in regards to the Ukraine scandal – Ukraine Gate – will very quickly expose the depth of corruption of Donald Trump and his administration, thus giving his challengers the opportunity to make their case to the Republican constituents. As such, it is quite possible the Republican Party would have to organize primaries once it becomes obvious the de facto incumbent will be impeached and quite possibly removed from office, if he doesn’t resign beforehand.

The country is in a different time; there is nothing standard about the 2020 presidential elections. If anything, the 2020 is a stark reminder of what happened in 2016; the threat to our democracy comes from the very individual whose primary job is to protect it.

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