Ukraine Gate, A 2016 Encore in 2020

Although it is customary this sorting out (of candidates for the presidency) would naturally occur at the Iowa Caucus – slated for February 3, 2020 for the 2020 presidential elections – the DNC Chair’s move to shorten the list before that date is probably warranted. The less time, energy and resources are used in the primaries the more will be available for the general elections. Whoever becomes the DNC nominee will face off a very unusual candidate, a very different candidate.

A very good segway to mention there is something different happening in the Republican Party as well; three Republican aspirants to the Oval Office announced their intention to challenge Donald Trump, the incumbent.

For several decades now, it’s been an accepted tradition that the incumbent would not be challenged by candidates of his own Party. We are however in a different time. Donald Trump has made a mockery of the presidency; he has debased the office of the presidency. He has used his position and resources at his disposal not to advance or to attend to the affairs of the country but rather for his own personal interests.

What would you add?

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