Why Do Republicans Continue To Pretend?

Today, the nation has come to realize that Republican Legislators and Constituents are just phony. They like every label which doesn’t define their characters; but one would be hard pressed to find one Republican who’s recognized his Party has been operating in darkness for quite some time now. The leaders have led the disciples astray; they have all become comfortable with wrongdoing; they support the leader who’s trampled the rule of law; they defend the leader who’s shredded the Constitution and they even worship the leaders who’s destroyed the fabric of our society. They label anyone who doesn’t approve of their nefarious way as haters, socialists, enemies of the country; they work systematically against their own constituents; they work continuously to destroy our system of Democracy and yet they believe they are patriots. Why do they continue to pretend?

Martin Luther King Jr said that “nothing is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”. Could it be ignorance, stupidity? Or is it what Republicans have always been? The country is today in a serious crisis. Even the few Republican Leaders who see the danger their leader poses to the nation, to the world have chosen to contribute towards making things worse. One official in the current administration stated unequivocally he would not use someone like Trump as a role model for his sons and yet that same individual chose to vote him in office. No one can express love for your country by helping to destroy it. That behavior goes against the very principle of sacrifice (to defend the country). That is in essence what has turned the governing of the country into a clown show whose Clown Master is the president of the United States.


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