Why Do Republicans Continue To Pretend?

3.- People who would rather starve themselves (and others) than to increasing the National Debt. They preached at the top of the mountains that we must end unnecessary spending, we must not put the burden of national debts on our children. They would scream at the top of their lungs it is unacceptable for any government – translation the Democrats – to run the country on debt and pass the burden to future generations. They were breathless spreading that message to all the Republican disciples. But Republicans have never been fiscally conservative. Sure, they like the label; that’s the extent of their fiscal conservatism. Why in the world do they continue to pretend?

4.- People who would defend the rule of law with all their strength. They would embark in missions to hunt down the criminals, the perpetrators, those who would break the law and would prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Except that Republicans were never concerned about rule of law. Sure, they like people to think of them as such; that’s most likely the extent of their love for the rule of law. Why for heaven sake do they continue to pretend?


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