Why Do Republicans Continue To Pretend?

You see, there is a certain irony in the political makeup of the country. For a very longtime, the country as a whole believed that the Republican Party comprises

1.- People with Moral Compass, you know the Christians who would rather die than doing the wrong things, going the wrong way. They would battle sins, the devil for as long as necessary until God would send his angels to help them win the fight. They believed that; the rest of the country believed that but the reality is, Republicans were never Christian, not according to the principles of the Bible anyway. Sure, they like the label; that’s been the extent of their Christianity. Why do they continue to pretend?

2.- People who would defend the Constitution, and our Democracy. They would rather wage wars across the globe, confront any enemy, anywhere, anytime at any cost. Their mission was to protect the United States of America against all enemies, except they were never such individuals. Instead, Republicans have gleefully welcomed the help of foreign entities into what was once the most sacred aspect of our democracy, the presidential elections. They encouraged the idea; they cheered the idea. They even justified it. Why do they continue to pretend?


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