What Has Happened to the Guardrails of US Democracy?

Here in the United States, the Republican Party in its entirety – including GOP Representatives in Washington – has fully deferred their allegiance to Donald Trump. Even after the 2018 mid-term elections during which they lost the lower House (Congress), they have worked steadfastly to undermine the Party in control, the Democrats. The similarities between what happened in Germany in 1933 and what’s happening now, here in the United States could not be more striking. A section of the guardrails – the Republicans – of our democracy has been completely destroyed.

The United States is fortunate to differ from the 1933 Germany in many ways 1) Donald Trump doesn’t have the popularity Adolf Hitler had 2) the Judiciary Branch – the Supreme Court – is still somewhat respected and trusted (for now) 3) the rest of the country (Democrats & Independents) are anxious to vote Trump out of office.

What would you add?

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