What Has Happened to the Guardrails of US Democracy?

When Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933, the whole country – minus a very small group of wise individuals – welcomed him. Hitler was admired, worshipped even; his popularity rose to 90%, all sectors of the population taken into account. There is no record of any world leader in any country that has ever achieved such level of popularity in his country either before or after Adolf Hitler. And yet there were a few wise people then who could see the impending danger of having Hitler at the helm of Germany. The few people who could have shed some light on that phenomenon didn’t live long enough to witness the damages Hitler did to Germany, to the world even. Hitler eliminated – jailed, executed – anyone who did not approve of him.

But Hitler didn’t start out as a monster; he did not overthrow the German government. In fact, as I reported in the past on the Fourth Branch broadcast program, Hitler categorically rejected the idea of overthrowing the government when the idea was proposed by the Nazis. He was willing to walk away from the Party; in fact, he wasn’t bluffing. He did walk away but the Nazis’ leaders then brought him back and agreed to play by his rule, so to speak.

They never really did, but that’s beside the point.

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