What Has Happened to the Guardrails of US Democracy?

Here in Part 3, we discuss the urgency to revise the Constitution if we wish our Democracy to survive the sustained assaults by the very people who took an oath to protect it; we also urge patriots to be more vigilant in order to prevent the United States from going the way of Germany in the 1930’s. For, contrary to popular belief, the United States is not immune to suffering the same fate as Germany under Adolf Hitler. Just like Donald Trump who is now president of the United States, Hitler was a legitimate Chancellor of Germany duly appointed by then president Paul von Hindenburg. Just like the United States is a democratic system under Trump today, Germany had a system of democracy under Adolf Hitler then… Everything changed when Hitler became the Chancellor.

Since the election of Donald Trump into the presidency, the US Democracy has suffered some serious blows and setbacks, not just in the hands of the president but also of the Republican Legislators who took an oath to prevent that very predicament. This very situation is reminiscent of what happened in Germany in 1933, the details of which are explained in the next few paragraphs.

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