The Clown Show Must End

Psychologists, psychiatrists have been trying as early as 4th century BC to solve the mystery of the minds to no avail; they are no closer today despite advancement in the fields of psychology and psychiatry.

So, it is no hope to pretend a hero in a cape would come to save America from the circus that’s been ongoing for well over 2+ years now.

Most sound minded individuals have tiptoed around putting the blame of the craziness in the nation where it belongs, on the Republican Legislators who have relinquished their legislative duty to the nation. It is time we call the devil by its name; it is time we confront the devil that has now plagued the whole Republican Party, spreading to other parts of the nation like a contagious disease for which there seems to be no cure. Coupled with the ignorance which has become common currency in the Party, exploited by politicians and promoted by television networks such as Fox, the United States of America can no longer pretend to be a shining city on a hill, for the clowns have taken over and the Republicans – the Children – are very entertained.

What would you add?

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