The Clown Show Must End

A year later, in 2016, those who were still sound minded learned in the most painful way that half the nation – the Republican Party as a whole – has always been nuts; what was missing was the clown master to get the circus on the road.

A circus it has been. Three+ years later today, the sound minded who still roam the streets in the nation have come to accept there may not be much hope for this country until a real leader, a true patriot emerges and does good by the country. And even then, it will require a drastic change among those who are now staunch supporters of the Clown in the Oval Office.

If you ever felt your head is about to explode or the space around you is shrinking, it’d be easy to understand how sound minded individuals in the United States must feel amidst the cacophony of idiocy, stupidity and lunacy nurtured, tolerated, condoned and even promoted in the Republican Party.

My mom used to say that clowns have no use but to entertain! Unfortunately, the Clown in the Oval Office does not entertain; he threatens our way of life; he threatens our very existence; he is out to destroy the very fabric of our society. And yet millions of people are entertained by the clown shows at Fox who exploit their naiveness, their gullibility and yes their ignorance to keep the circus going.

Those are the very individuals George Washington warned us against.

What would you add?

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