The Clown Show Must End

Why is it so difficult to say plainly what Donald J. Trump is? A scumbag who doesn’t care about anyone but himself, someone who lies to everyone about everything, the worst individual anyone would want to be his leader, someone no decent individual would ever point to as a role mode, a Clown. And yet, he was able to rally enough depraved supporters to put him in the highest office in the land? The very individuals who claim to be Christian; those who are convinced they have family values, the Republicans who believe they have moral values.

What good would it do to sugarcoat the predicament the country is in? To refer to the devil by its name, the Devil, is the first step towards finding a solution.

Can the country recover when half the nation is lost? Is there hope for a nation when half of its people have lost their moral compass? Can God save those who have deliberately chosen to stay and live in ignorance? Is there any hope at all for our nation?

Only recently, three+ years ago to be exact, everyone in the nation agreed Donald Trump represented a sideshow in the primaries of the 2015-2016 presidential elections. There was no way in the world “We the American People” would ever pick a nutcase to be the leader of the nation, God forbid!

What would you add?

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