Democracy Guardrails Removed – 2

The 2016 presidential election proved beyond any doubt that the Republican Party as a whole – Legislators and constituents alike – was never a Party which values the Constitution let alone cares about the rule of law.

As such, it did not take long, it did not take much for the guardrails of our democracy to be removed when the Republican Party was fully in control of all branches of our government. Led by an individual whose sole interests are his own, not a single Republican Legislator made an attempt to resort to the Constitution, the mechanism to exercise oversight on the Executive Branch

If Republican Legislators were patriots (as they like to claim), at the very least, they would consider their legislative duties a priority over their own selfish interests. Unfortunately, patriots they are not. The Legislative guardrails are no longer. The situation is exacerbated by the fact Republican constituents have no objection their Representatives have relinquished their legislative duties; the constituents shrug off any idea they too are no patriots.


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