The Last Incantation

Fully supported by the Witch Society, Mr. Mueller was able to quickly locate – with the help of cooperating witches – and roundup the evildoers in the Witch Society. It is believed that most witches are willing to spill the beans on the corrupt head-witches. If the rumors are true, the Witch Society is preparing to erect a statue of the image of the Witch Hunter, a ceremony which will be held as ‘The Last Incantation’ to commemorate the fall of the most corrupt witch leader, according to a memo released by the office of the Witch Society.

The statement released by the office of the Witch Society reads as follows: “The Witch Society is very grateful that the Witch Hunter has helped to remove the dark clouds that all witches are bad.” It is not clear whether the ‘Witch Hunter’ will be present for the ceremony. A Spoke Witch declared that it will be BIG, it will be HUGE. Witches from the world over will be present. It will be after all The Last Incantation

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