The Last Incantation

You see, Robert Mueller is an experienced Witch Hunter. According to rumors, he would not entertain any job of going after witches which do not exist. Having been in the business – of witch hunting – for many decades, Mr. Mueller has a nose for this kind of stuff. Legend has it that he knows where all the witches gather for their annual reunion but more importantly, it seems, he is friendly and fair to all the witches. It is even written in the annals of the witches that “‘The Witch Hunter’ do not hunt witches for fun or to get rid of our culture or to decimate our population but rather to find and punish witches who have misused their power for evil. As such, we witches would lend support to the ‘Witch Hunter’ because just like him, the Witch Society does not tolerate evildoers”

What would you add?

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