The Last Incantation

As a curious child, I would peek out the windows to catch a glimpse of the Midnight Monster; to my great disappointment, I never got to see him or it. In spite of that, I grew up believing that the Midnight Monster existed (just like Big Foot) and would only reveal himself – as a punishment – to children who have disobeyed their parents. Adults of my generation who have never left the Island continue to use the same fictitious character to control the whereabouts of their children at night.

The good news is, there was never any report of children taken away by the Midnight Monster.

Be as it may, when the president of the United States began to label the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential elections “Witch Hunt”, that caught my attention. That brought back my interests – as a child – to get a peek at the Midnight Monster walking my neighborhood at night.

What would you add?

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