The Irony of Independence Day in America

In cages across the country, hundreds of migrants are packed like sardines, treated like animals, as if they were undesirable goods, rotten products by the very country, the government of which has waged wars across the globe claiming to liberate people from tyrants, dictators and authoritarians.

Ironically, that country is today led by an individual whose very action is nothing short of an authoritarian.

Most of those migrants fled violence, persecution and yes financial hardships as well. They were told America would rescue them. Not so, it seems.

While the president of the United States is looking forward to have a military parade on the 4th of July to satisfy his authoritarian taste, those individuals in cages will be looking inside those cages for the America they rushed to come to; they will be looking for a spec of independence.

This 4th of July calls NOT for celebration but rather for reflection.

The DIMMING lights of fireworks should remind us all that our complacency could be complicit of our own fate, of the fate of the Republic.

May this day be a renewal of our commitment to protect the Republic from the grips of authoritarians (foreign and domestic)!

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