The greatest country in the world is now run by the slimiest crook

It is no time to try to spare people’s feeling in the hope they would understand; two+ years into Trump’s presidency, it is wise to call the devil by its name: Donald Trump is the worst that has happened to America, second only to slavery. It has now become the responsibility of Democrats, Independents and the few Republicans who still have some shred of decency to lift the country up and begin to heal it from the inflicted wounds by the individual – the president of the United States – whose primary job is to prevent that from happening in the first place. In the leading up to the 2016 elections, I screamed at the top of my lung that “Donald Trump is not worth the sacrifice of our nation”. I sincerely regret I was so right.

As such, 2020 should be a campaign to restore decency in America; 2020 should be more than just another presidential election. It should be a revival to seek redemption. 2020 should be the year the world recognizes that America is back. 2020 should be the year Americans regain their pride. 2020 should be the year the country stands up to bullies, to racists, to bigots and all those whose highest virtues are lies and deceptions. 2020 should be the year We The People reclaim the power bestowed upon us by the Constitution. 2020 should be the year of the rebirth of America.

One thought on “The greatest country in the world is now run by the slimiest crook

  1. Reading this almost 2 years later, it seems uncanny that even WITH a worldwide disaster the likes of which we haven’t seen in our lifetimes(which you mentioned in part one), he still couldn’t even cash in on handling the pandemic with competency. And sadly also neither he nor most of his party can even accept that he actually lost the election by a landslide, not by fraud, by his own hand. The fact that he is already trying to announce running in 2024 and the massive campaigns going on to restrict access to voting by that time is proof again that they are living in a fantasy world. The people spoke. He lost.


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