The greatest country in the world is now run by the slimiest crook

For the past two years, Republicans have touted progress, great economy, low unemployment as if Donald Trump waved a wand and fixed everything. As of this writing, there are just a handful of Republicans who have recognized the damage their mistakes have caused to the very fabric of our society.

Our nation has relinquished its leadership in the world to the Russian authoritarian president in exchange for favors to Donald Trump. No one, except those in Trump’s camp, is so naïve or gullible not to comprehend the predicament the country is now in.

Those who believe Trump could change and become a human being after the 2016 election were gravely mistaken; they’ve witnessed the worst in their lifetime. No one, however stupid or blind, would use Donald Trump as a role model for their children, and yet millions of Republican fanatics continue to give him their support as if they’re incapable of walking away from their mistakes.

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