What Do Republicans Stand For?

  • 1976: The Soviet Union came very close to destroy a candidate, as Russia had managed to do to Hillary Clinton. Henry Jackson, a Democrat candidate was a hardliner vis-à-vis the Soviet Union; the feelings were mutual. The Soviet did not just dislike Henry Jackson but it also worked aggressively to destroy him and deployed the country most effective tool: KGB (a spy agency comparable to the CIA). The mission was to 1) find anything damaging about Jackson to release to the public 2) If nothing was found, to forge documents.
      • KGB couldn’t come up with anything on Jackson’s life to destroy his aspiration for the presidency of the United States, so KGB began a smear campaign (just like Russia did to Clinton). The Russian spy agency (KGB) forged FBI paperwork to make it appear Jackson was a secret homosexual; the KGB forwarded the FAKE reports to newspapers around the country. That “bad blood” boiled to that point following a failed attempt by the Soviet Union asking Jackson to “taper down his rhetoric towards the Soviet Union” in exchange for backing off from smearing him. Jackson wouldn’t hear of it. Compare that to Donald Trump and his team.

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