What Do Republicans Stand For?

Below are dates and details of Russia’s attempts to offer Democrats help to win elections. Did I say Democrats rejected Russia’s help every time? Well, they did. And that’s what patriots do.

    • 1960: Mikhail Menshikov who was then Russia’s Ambassador in US – during which time Nikita Khrushchev was the Soviet Premier – offered to help Adlai Stevenson – a Democrat presidential candidate fighting for the nomination of the Democrat Party against John F. Kennedy – but Stevenson declined the offer (details HERE). Stevenson did lose the nomination to JFK; he kept his dignity and said out loud – silently of course – he was a patriot. Compare that to what the current president did. No FRIEND, Democrats would not have done what Republicans did to win the election!
    • 1968: Anatoly Dobrynin who was then Russia’s Ambassador in US – during which time Leonid Ilich Brezhnev was president of the Supreme Soviet – offered to help fund Hubert Humphrey’s campaign against Richard Nixon. Humphrey was the Democrat nominee; immediately before running for the presidency of the United States, Humphrey was Lyndon B. Johnson Vice President in Johnson’s second term. Johnson ran the country without a VP for two years after the assassination of JFK. Humphrey rejected the soviet offer for help (details HERE). Humphrey couldn’t be any clearer that he was a patriot first. Compare that to what Trump did in 2016. You see FRIEND, Republicans only talk about patriotism but do not even pretend to live like Americans let alone like patriots!

What would you add?

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