What Do Republicans Stand For?

The aforementioned outline was to prove that Trump & Team as well as everyone who supports him found it okay to collaborate with another country in order to win an election despite knowing it was wrong to do so. As a defense for having betrayed the country, their argument is that Democrats would have done the same thing.

No Trumpublicans! Democrats would have NEVER done such things. It’s worth repeating that DEMOCRATS would have never betrayed the country for political gain and I have the receipt to prove it.

You see! Fellow Republicans, what Russia did in the 2016 election with Donald Trump is nothing new. Russia has been trying for a very, very longtime to undermine our democracy. You already know that but what you probably didn’t know – based on the argument being made about the Democrats – is that in all past attempts to do so, Russia had failed because Democrats had refused to compromise the integrity of our Constitution.

Three times – yes: 1, 2, 3 – Russia approached DEMOCRATS and offered to help; all three times, DEMOCRATS rejected the help. There was even a fourth time – although not from Russia, at least not directly – that dirt was sent to a Democrat candidate (Al Gore in Gore vs Bush in 2000) and he immediately called FBI and turned in the document. Yes fellow Republicans, Democrats have real core values Republicans can only dream of (or talk about having). What are Republicans’ core values again? What do Republicans stand for exactly?


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