What Do Republicans Stand For?

To shore up support for the idea of soliciting and receiving information from foreign entities, Republicans – constituents and Legislators alike – shrug off Trump’s collaboration with a foreign entity to secure help with the 2016 election as just politics. Some even suggested Democrats would have done the same thing if offered the opportunity.

Let me point out the obvious: even Trump (and his entourage) knew it was wrong to do so. For a very longtime, Trump marshalled everyone – including the famous clown Giuliani – to deny having solicited or received any information from Russia. Translation: we know it’s wrong. As investigative journalists began to expose the real objective behind the Trump Tower meeting on June 9, 2016, Trump & Team came up with an explanation: it was about adoption.

Once again, Trump and Team understood it would be wrong to ask an enemy of the United States to get involved in the internal affairs of the country and yet behind the scene they were doing just that. When the whole scheme of hiding collaboration with Russia blew up on their face in the form of Donald Trump Jr.’s email “I love it” became public, Trump and Team adopted a new explanation: there was nothing to the meeting, we did not receive any dirt. And Giuliani went on Fox to argue there was nothing wrong to receive information from a foreign entity, an argument he’s still making. UPDATE: as of this publication, Trump reiterated he would accept dirt from a foreign government


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