What Do Republicans Stand For?

So, it was no surprise to me personally when they cheered the idea and encouraged Wikileaks to meddle in the 2016 presidential elections. They didn’t even blink to say in one breath they are patriots. Are they? Do they believe they are? What exactly do they stand for?

I’ve been very prolific in my argument vis-à-vis Republicans’ lack of patriotism. One of the many articles published in 2018 titled Most Republicans in Washington Prove They’re No Patriots provide indisputable examples of Republican Legislators’ unpatriotic behavior. Even to simply fulfill their Constitutional duty would have made it seemed like they’re patriots! And yet, they don’t even bother.

Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

How could one claim to be patriot and at the same time encourage foreign entities to help destroy our democracy? It does not make sense, right? But to the Republicans who supported and voted for Donald Trump, it was okay. Their rationale then was as outrageous, warped even as the argument they are advancing today in order to continue to justify their wrongdoings towards the country they claim to love.


What would you add?

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