The Reasons Donald Trump WILL NOT Be Re-Elected – Part 3

6.- The Electoral College Map is not favorable
Donald Trump won the Electoral College votes (304 to Hillary 227) but lost the popular votes by more than 3 million to Hillary Clinton, one of the most hated politicians in America. And even in places where Mr. Trump won over Hillary, the margins were in the single digit, some negligible. Take a look at the following 2016 outcomes in states which gave Mr. Trump advantage over Hillary and consider which ones Trump could possibly expect to win in 2020 facing anyone but Hillary. The numbers on the far right are the Electoral College votes the winner collects. Even Trump’s hardcore supporters should already begin to read the writing on the wall. As mentioned earlier, the path for Trump’s re-election has been completely closed. It is not at all out of question for Trump to walk away from it all. Stay tuned!

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