The Reasons Donald Trump WILL NOT Be Re-Elected

I call the 2020 presidential race. It goes to the Democratic Party, the nominee of which is yet to be determined. This is not a joke and I am not psychic but the prediction stays.

This is not a wish!

Trumpublicans, the Honeymoon Is Almost Over! The bar has been set so low (see above), still Donald Trump has great difficulty to clear it. It’s beginning to sink in for millions who voted him in office that no matter how much time Mr. Trump is allotted, he will continue to demand that the bar is set even lower.

Remark: This early declaration of a winner is based EXCLUSIVELY on the premise that Donald Trump will again be the Republican nominee (Watch this space to find out why Mr. Trump may not even seek re-election)

Note: This is part one of a multi-part article which looks into the rationale why we have come to the conclusion that the path for Donald Trump’s re-election is not just narrow or shrinking but it has already closed, despite belief to the contrary, despite hope in the Trump’s camp it might happen and despite polls showing his approval rating has not budged much, if at all. Here, at the People Branch, we are fairly confident our analysis is right on point.

After listening to every possible argument – from both Democrats and Republicans – for and against the possibility of a Trump’s second term, we at The People Branch have done what was necessary to come to the most plausible conclusion: Donald Trump WILL NOT BE RE-ELECTED. We turned off all the noises, muted all the pundits and watched them side by side, “punditing”. It was quite an experience.

This news would certainly come as a surprise to millions, especially those in the Republican Party in general, Trumpublicans in particular. For the Trumpeteers who have salivated over the idea of a Donald Trump’s second term as president, it is worth repeating here what was said before: even if they were to sell their souls to the devil, Donald J. Trump will not be re-elected. In 2016, Trump (and everyone else on the planet) didn’t expect him to win but he did. In 2020, Trump, his henchmen, his minions and everyone who supports him will move heaven and earth to help him win; he will not. He will lose BIG; his loss will be HUGE, monumental, historic.

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16 thoughts on “The Reasons Donald Trump WILL NOT Be Re-Elected

  1. I wish people like you would stop saying “everyone else…” or “we speak for all Americans” because none of you speak for me and mine speak for ALL Americans.


  2. The Dems are not destroying christianity you people are doing that to yourselves while supporting a crook, rapist and man that wants to screw his own daughter. This seems OK to you people so donnot tell about morals you hypocrit. Trump is trash that needs to burn!


  3. Catherine, you sound like a mentally unstable pink hat wearing leftist. Unemployment is at historic lows , illegals (foreign invaders) are getting deported and terrorists are banned. Now take a deep breath, do some yoga and vote Trump in 2020. Life is good!!!


      • “… Not one Black person or white person of good mind better vote TRUMP”
        A Black person, voting Trump, has to be in need of mental health care
        A white person, voting for Trump, has to be in need of mental health care AND a priest.
        One is just brainwASH-stupid . The other is also Satanically-brainWASHED


        • You guys are living in a bubble. Trump is on track to take every state he took last time and Minnesota. Game over. Trump will win reelection.


        • You fail to understand that a good amount of Americans love liberty. voting Liberal is not a vote for freedom. We are tired of the homeless, the enableing of the poor, the whining of gays and the illegals who infect our country by refusing to speak English and bringing their third world ways to America. We are sick and tired of the disease of liberalism and Trump is the only person (thus far) with the guts to fight it. We are tired of the lie of Climate change and the assult on the second Amendment. So it’s really not about Trump it’s about liberty. Goverment and the media are the real problem. I agree, the best and brightest people in this country are not in politics, and that goes for both sides. This is the reason you better smarten up and look whats going on around us. Goverment is not the solution. It’s the Problem. Trump is less of a problem then any Liberal.


          • There is a sea of difference between fiction and reality. To deny “Climate Change” doesn’t make it any less true. As I explained to most of my fellow Republicans, the fight they have is not against the Democrats but rather against reality.


  4. Well, here’s one time you’ll be wrong on picking our President. You’re right about it being historic because Trump will win easy. You call that Democratic group, canidates? Some are so caught up and believe everything they hear, they don’t bother looking passed that to see for themselves, the so called fact checking. Some don’t even give the man a chance, to some he hasn’t stood a chance since he got in office. Yeah he’s a millionaire but he’s also closer to who we are than any politician out there. He wasn’t a politician at all, that’s we Democrats want to destroy him. They don’t want a non politician in office, they won’t allow it. Funny how us republicans acted when Obama was in the White House. That’s right, we acted human & didn’t treat you Democrats like you shouldn’t be here on earth.
    So for that, I can’t wait until he wins again. What will y’all do!? Another 4 years in office! We still have room on the republican side, come join us!! Lol…


    • Trump is pure evil! You obviously don’t pay attention or care about what he says and does. All I can say is Jesus is the way the truth and the life. John 14:16. We need to look to Jesus and he will reveal to you the wickedness of Trump. I’ll pray for you!


      • Sold his soul to putin? Putin is actually a listener to trump and respected and thats not because he so called “helped trump get in office”. He respect the fact trump had enough power and support to do something and help the country. Did you know where the usa placed in economic expansion and growrh how every country basically laughs at the once greatest super power to below top 5 countries.Before Putin was going to bomb us for interference in israel do some fact check on our foreign relationships before you make yourself look stupid. Why wouldnt trump want to strengthen our foreign relations with russia. Because they have the actual balls to bomb usa.


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