The Reasons Donald Trump WILL NOT Be Re-Elected

I am not a “damn liberal” who cannot stand Donald Trump; I am not “a libtard” who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I am a clear-minded individual who happens to be loyal to the country instead of to an individual who doesn’t give a hoot about the country. I am an individual who is able to differentiate between a leader and a scoundrel. I am an individual who has embraced the principles of the great men who have led the country, one of whom – Abraham Lincoln – said “I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong”. Donald Trump has gone wrong.

B.-Second, my past record gives me bragging rights

I have had near perfect record of picking the winners in presidential races since Bill Clinton. Even in the last presidential election, 2016, when I ventured to test my approach to analysis during the primaries, I had every prediction correct almost to near accuracy; I even predicted the approximate date each candidate who vied for the presidency would drop out of the race. And I was correct.

Need proof? Of course, you would.

4 thoughts on “The Reasons Donald Trump WILL NOT Be Re-Elected

  1. Catherine, you sound like a mentally unstable pink hat wearing leftist. Unemployment is at historic lows , illegals (foreign invaders) are getting deported and terrorists are banned. Now take a deep breath, do some yoga and vote Trump in 2020. Life is good!!!


  2. Well, here’s one time you’ll be wrong on picking our President. You’re right about it being historic because Trump will win easy. You call that Democratic group, canidates? Some are so caught up and believe everything they hear, they don’t bother looking passed that to see for themselves, the so called fact checking. Some don’t even give the man a chance, to some he hasn’t stood a chance since he got in office. Yeah he’s a millionaire but he’s also closer to who we are than any politician out there. He wasn’t a politician at all, that’s we Democrats want to destroy him. They don’t want a non politician in office, they won’t allow it. Funny how us republicans acted when Obama was in the White House. That’s right, we acted human & didn’t treat you Democrats like you shouldn’t be here on earth.
    So for that, I can’t wait until he wins again. What will y’all do!? Another 4 years in office! We still have room on the republican side, come join us!! Lol…


    • Trump is pure evil! You obviously don’t pay attention or care about what he says and does. All I can say is Jesus is the way the truth and the life. John 14:16. We need to look to Jesus and he will reveal to you the wickedness of Trump. I’ll pray for you!


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