Is Donald Trump A Great President or an As****ole?

The bigger issue with the GOP tax cut under Trump is this:

  1. They lied to the American constituents about the purpose of borrowing money; they promoted it as a tax cut for the people knowing darn well that was not the case.
  2. They deceived the constituents even further; the legislation for the $1.5T loan added to the national debt has just the taxpayers, the taxpayers alone to pay back the loan. This is not a speculation or an assumption; that was the legislation crafted by the Republicans and signed by the president.
  3. Republicans structured the deal in such a way that the businesses and the very wealthy individuals who received 85% of the money DO NOT HAVE to pay a single penny back.

Donald Trump didn’t craft the legislation; Mr. Trump knows absolutely nothing about legislations. He wouldn’t even understand it even if it was read to him, even he reads it, let alone he doesn’t read as far as we know.

One thought on “Is Donald Trump A Great President or an As****ole?

  1. Just because chubby looks like he’s lost a bit of weight makes no difference, the people will vote him out. They have tolerated him too long.


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