Is Donald Trump A Great President or an As****ole?

    1. Obama left the country with a growing economy, unemployment down from 10 to 4.7 and a financially healthy country. Mr. Obama did not erase the debt; in fact, he added to it. Contrary to his GOP counterparts before/after him, his administration HAD TO borrow to fix the financial crisis the country was in when he became the 44th president. Any president – irrespective of political affiliation – would have had no alternative but to increase the national debt in order to remedy the financial predicament the country had faced. Ironically, despite the situation Mr. Obama inherited from a GOP administration, the Republican Legislators had categorically refused to work with him to help the country out of the financial crisis and yet the first act of the Trump administration was to BORROW $1.5 trillion dollars ($1.5T), handed most of it (85% or $1.275 Trillion) to large corporations and wealthy individuals and added to the national debt at a time when most – if not all – businesses reported record revenues and record profits.

One thought on “Is Donald Trump A Great President or an As****ole?

  1. Just because chubby looks like he’s lost a bit of weight makes no difference, the people will vote him out. They have tolerated him too long.


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