Is Donald Trump A Great President or an As****ole?

The question is simplistically framed but requires a very complex answer.

Donald Trump is just a boogeyman. By any stretch of imagination, Donald Trump doesn’t know or even understands what he’s doing; he cannot even grasp the impact of his actions or his words. He wings every decision but he is “smart” enough to “buy” (when and if possible) loyalty from his circle. There was never a time in the history of this country when members of a Political Party have had it so easy. I am not referring to the fact that GOP controlled both Houses for two years and now the Upper House (the Senate). Nope. I alluded to the fact the only difficult task for the GOP Legislators is to deal with an ego-centric maniac. How hard can that possibly be?

After a few months of friction with the president – culture shock I suppose – leaders of the Republican Party have mastered the art of getting what they want from Trump and staying the hell out of his way for him to do whatever damage to himself, to his administration, to the country, Republicans not included.


One thought on “Is Donald Trump A Great President or an As****ole?

  1. Just because chubby looks like he’s lost a bit of weight makes no difference, the people will vote him out. They have tolerated him too long.


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