Not To Impeach Trump Is Unpatriotic

Translation: Mrs. Pelosi took impeachment off the table.

It’s not because Mrs. Pelosi likes Donald Trump, believes he is innocent or would not want to punish him for all his wrongdoings. The current Speaker of the House is rather focused on trying to keep the Democrat Party together; she already has her sight on the 2020 elections. Mrs. Pelosi’ strategy is to avoid angering independent voters who will make the decision to keep Trump in the Oval Office or to send him packing and undoubtedly to “face the music” of the SDNY prosecutor for the avalanche of wrongdoings he managed to get away with for so long.

Regardless the rationale, the intent notwithstanding, such approach will produce the exact same outcome the country in general, the Democrats in particular have complained about for two years, during which time Republicans were in full control of both Houses: to let Donald Trump go unpunished, to allow him to continue to vilify the office of the presidency for the sake of or in the hope of winning the 2020 elections. There is no guarantee the Speaker’ strategy will work, and even if it does (i.e. Donald is voted out of office), she has deprived the country of the opportunity to hold the malignant holder of the Oval Office accountable for his wrongdoings and those of his administration.

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